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Wild Matchups

The 2016 MLB playoffs are upon us, and you can find all the information you need to ensure you make the best ticket buying decisions right here! Let's start out by breaking down the two upcoming Wild Card games, the first of which starts tomorrow at 8:00pm ET.

This American League Wildcard game features two AL East teams, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles , both of whom finished the season with a 89-73 record. Toronto will host the Orioles on Tuesday in front of a sold out crowd at the Rogers Centre. Currently the cheapest ticket to walk in the door is priced at $85.00, while seats behind home plate and over the dugouts range from $200 (last row in section 122) to $655 (first row in section 116). As we get closer to game time I do anticipate seeing an uptick in the upper level seat prices, which could trend upward to $100 - $115 per ticket. If you are only looking to get in the door at the cheapest price possible, and don't have a seating preference, the time to buy is now. If you'd rather sit in the lower level and get some value for your dollar, I would wait until tomorrow afternoon to purchase, as tickets currently being offered at $200 will start to dip into the $160-$175 price range.

The second game, the National League wildcard game features the New York Mets and the San Francisco Giants, two teams with huge fan bases. This game is set for Wednesday at 8:00pm ET. With huge fan followings comes high prices, and this game is no exception. Currently the cheapest ticket available is $145 for standing room only. Actual seats start at $155, while seats over the dugout can be purchased for $300 per ticket. Since Saturday, when the Mets clinched the right to host this game, prices have risen more than 30%. I don't anticipate many more tickets becoming available for this game, so the time to purchase is now. While the price of standing room only tickets may come down slightly due to their underwhelming appeal, I don't anticipate any change in the $155 upper level seat or the $300 premium lower level seats.

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